Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer - Portable & Easy to Use

Paint zoom is a fabulous paint spraying machine that helps in beautifully painting your home walls and various other surfaces including stucco, brick, paneling, ceiling, wood, concrete etc. This advanced spray technology provides complete professional finishing and saves a lot of your money that usually get spend in one time white wash at home.

Now you can easily transform your room into your favorite color without appointing contractual painters for the same. The paint zoom India is made up of ultra light and ultra durable material that helps in painting different surfaces in just few minutes. It has got a portable power pack 650 watt motor that performs as per your requirement. It is easy to use and delivers great results without creating any mess.

With paint zoom, you can now avoid the mess created by paint brushes and rollers. It is quick and easy to paint with Paint sprayer. The simple one touch operation of this device allows you to paint your home on your own and save a lot of your money.

Paint Zoom Sprayer Features

Video: Paint Zoom

Paint Zoom Benefits

  • Easy to use, saves time and money.
  • Renders professional results.
  • Doesn’t require any maintenance and can be used continuously.
  • Made up of easy to clean polymers and metal.
  • Light in weight and portable to carry.

How to use it?

Paint zoom is an advanced one touch technology for easy painting experience at home. The product is easy to use and it doesn’t require much efforts. Just press the button and paint sprayer will start spraying paint in the right amount without wasting even a drop of it.

Product package includes -

  • Professional spray gun
  • 1000 watt turbine
  • 5' hose
  • 7' cord
  • Instructional DVD

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