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Bladeless fan is a high technology invention with unusual yet innovative characteristics. This amazing device doesn?t have any visible blades and it appears just like a circular tube mounted on a pedestal. Lured with a shallow tube which is few inches deep, the fan provides smooth and constant wind breeze.

The bladeless fan is fully variable Air Multiplier TM Technology draws in and increases its volume up to 5.8 gallons of air per second. This modern equipment cannot be left ignored as it looks great and works even better. It is one of the safest oscillation fans one can ever. It has no blades and is thus completely safe. The bladeless safe is powerful enough to cool down one whole room. It has got LED on/off a control that makes it easy to use in low light.

Bladeless Fan Features

  • Sleek bladeless design
  • No fast-spinning blades or awkward grille
  • Fully variable Air Multiplier TM Technology
  • Same technology used in turbochargers and jet engines
  • Moves up to 5.8 gallons of air per second
  • Oscillates up to 90 degrees
  • Virtually unlimited speed control
  • Energy efficient brushless motor
  • LED on/off control for use at night

Bladeless Fan Benefits

  • There are no blades and grill provided in it and is thus very easy to clean.
  • There are no fast spinning blades and is therefore, safe to have at home even with kids.
  • Bladeless fan has got a sleep timer with which will turn fan off as per the time pre-set on the device from the intervals ranging from 15 minutes to 9 hours.
  • You can control the airflow using remote controller provided with the fan.
  • The fan woks without any blade and provides you uninterrupted steam of smooth air.
  • It is free from noise pollution.

How it works?

The Bladeless fan is the latest technological invention that offers smooth uninterrupted wind flow. This efficient bladeless fan is installed with energy saving brushless motor which is located in its pedestal. It takes in air and makes it flow into a circular tube from where it is let out from a slit. This produces more streamlined air flow which provides great experience of feeling the flow of air. The bladeless fan India has got the air multiplier that generates breeze which is 15 times stronger than what it actually takes in.

According to Bladeless Fan the Air Multiplier provided in this fan produces more consistent and steady air breezes than one from a standard fan with blades.

Bladeless Fan Reviews

"I have got bladeless fan few weeks back and I happy with it as it looks great and is efficient too. Also, it makes little different at home with this amazing fan as now everyone who visits us ask about it."

"Bladeless fan works great. I am using it from a year and am quite happy with the way it works. It is better than the standard bladed fans."

"I am married man with a small child at home, who is quite small to understand about the blades in fan. With bladeless fan air multiplier I feel safer as my kid used to roam here and there. I sometimes am not there to see what he?s doing or what he is playing with. So, this fan makes it safe for my child. Plus, it cools the room very well!"

"Bladeless fan is a wonderful device. I have never seen a fan before that works without blades and is still provides cool air breeze. It is definitely a worth buy device for all."

"Bladeless fan is definitely a great buy for all. It incorporates some of the great features and is very innovative. I am very happy to have it myself!"

Frequently asked questions

1. What do you mean by bladeless fan?

Answer : Bladeless fan is a technological invention that no blades and is capable of delivering smooth and uninterrupted air breeze. The powerful device is mounted over the pedestal and it looks like a circular tube.

2. How does it work?

Answer : Bladeless fan takes in air and makes it flow into a circular tube from where it is let out from a slit. Bladeless fan produces a more streamlined air flow which provides great experience of feeling the flow of air.

3. How is it better from a fan with blade?

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4. How to order?

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