Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paint Zoom?
Answer : Paint Zoom is an amazing invention that allows you to paint your home on your own. The product eliminates the need of brushes, rollers and paint trays and provides professional painting results on all different surfaces including stucco, brick, paneling, ceiling, wood, concrete etc.
How to use?
Answer : Paint zoom is easy to use and saves a lot of your time. All it requires is just simple pull to the trigger and the paint zoom will deliver the adequate amount of paint to any surface.
What are the benefits of product?
Answer :
  • The product is provided with 3 way spray control system for 100% coverage in round, vertical and horizontal directions.
  • It has got built in spray tip designed for professional coverage of paint while using latex, oil paints etc.
  • It saves time and energy that gets consumed while painting the other way.
  • It is made up of easy to clean polymers and metal.
  • It provides consistence coverage of paint on any surface to make it look more professional.
Does paint zoom require maintenance?
Answer : The product requires no maintenance and can be used continuously. All you do to make it last longer is to clean all the pain after using it for once.
How to order?
Answer :
  • You can call on the numbers provided on this website and place the order.
  • Visit the site and complete the formalities for placing the order.
  • Fill the form available on website to order the product and your request will be submitted to the executive. They will then call you for the confirmation.
  • Payment is accepted through Cash on delivery along with the shipment charges.